When your kitty is stuck in a tree



Why a Professional?


Climbing trees is a dangerous venture if done without the proper training, experience, climbing and personal protective equipment. A home owner does not want to get hurt or become a second victim stuck in a tree .

What about the Fire Department?


Some departments can assist, many can not. Not all firemen have the training or equipment to safely climb through the dense crown of a tree.  Also, their ladder truck may not be able to access all trees.

Who we are.


Brothers who share a passion for climbing and working with trees. We are ISA Certified Arborists that value safety culture and comply with ANSI standards. We have climbed trees professionally all over the world from Australia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico to Canada and throughout our mainland. Our skills in conjunction with a love for animals, we have the ability to bring your kitty to ground level.

If you need tree service in removal, pruning, planting or support systems; we work with a company with state of the art equipment for our industry. Call us directly or look us up at www.stltreecare.com

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